AP Gov: Quizlet Times Nine

AP GOV Students:

Remember, these are the additional homework instructions this weekend. Here’s what you are doing:

1. Go to https://quizlet.com/mrcoia.

2. Play three games of Unit 4b Key Terms.

3. Play three games of Key Legislation.

4. Play three games of the Monster Pack (All units up until now.).

5. Post a comment (preferred) or email NO LATER THAN 11:59pm on Monday stating “I completed nine games of AP Gov Quizlet this weekend.”


“Harrison Bergeron” Assignment

Remember to complete your “Harrison Bergeron” assignment.

First, look over the story again.

1. Underline similes.

2. Circle odd vocabulary.

3. Give usual markings/margin notes.

After reading, write a four-sentence overview on the main theme of the story (remember, this is not a summary!).

This is worth 20 points on Friday, 2/5.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Mr. Coia


Link to Audiobook



2015 Year in Review

The Best of the Year 2015

Begin by watching Google’s 2015 Zeigeist video



Station 1: News Year in Review


Read the new stories from the year. Discuss ones that you remember occurring. Which seemed to be the most important ones? Create two powerful headlines that you would use to report these events.


Station 2: Words, Words, Words


Read Oxford Dictionary’s Words of the Year.  What are two possibilities for your vote?





Discuss why people looking up these words. What was occurring in the country that would cause people to seek the meaning of these ten.


 Station 3: Top Songs and Movies of the Year

Movies: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/yearly/chart/?yr=2015&p=.htm

Songs: http://www.billboard.com/charts/year-end/2015/hot-100-songs

Discuss in your group what the list has in common. Any patterns?  What aspects of American culture do these seem to deal with?

Top Grossing Movie:


Top Song:



Station 4: Banished Words for 2016


These lists are some of my favorite to read.  Read each with your group.  Which are the ones that you are most familiar with?  Least familiar?  Again, what parts of American culture are highlighted?


Your thoughts:

Add one or two words or phrases that you’d like to see banished for the coming year


Station 5: Photo Gallery


Scroll through a dozen or so of the pictures and read the captions.  Find out some more information on a few that interest you.  Why is this selected as one of the top pictures?  What does this gallery say about America and what is important to its citizens?


Your thoughts:


Station 6: Internet Search Terms



Read through the collected research for what people searched for on the web in 2015. Discuss why people searched for these. Which part of this surprised you most? What was the most visited site? What do you think your most visited site was?


Most visited site of 2015:


Your most visited site in 2015:


Probably your most search terms:


Small Group Discussion:

Your task is to incorporate what you learned about 2015 with your current thoughts and opinions on the world. Consider these topics to discuss:

  • What events/ideas/people will be the history of the future?  What will have lasting effects?  Explain why this is true.


  • How are the times changing even in your lifetime?  Is it a positive or negative change?  Why?


  • 2015: Is it a monumental year or an insignificant one?


  • Explain this quotation in light of your study of the year: “Our life is but a vapor then it is gone.”


  • What aspects of American culture is highlighted this year?  Why/how is this so?

The Scarlet Letter Rubric

TSL Grading Rubric

Name:____________________________________________ Date:__________________ Per:________
The Scarlet Letter Reaction Paper Grading Rubric
Topic: “What The Scarlet Letter has to teach in 2015.” Be creative, insightful, and show your knowledge of the novel and its themes.
–Format                                                                                                                              0              1              3              5

–Global opening and closing                                                                                       0              2              4
— Use one I-think-I’m-so-clever hyphenated adjective in italics                  0              1              2
–Use two important quotations from the book. Cite and explain                      0              1              2              3              4


Insufficient      1     2 Adequate      3          4   Good       5          6           Excellent       7          8
Demonstrates superficial or insufficient knowledge of the novel Demonstrates average knowledge of the novel Demonstrates good knowledge of the novel Demonstrates superior knowledge of the subject



Insufficient      1    2 Adequate      3         4 Good       5      Excellent    6
Provides minimal, irrelevant, or insufficient evidence Supports thesis with limited, but appropriate evidence Supports thesis with relevant and helpful evidence Supports thesis with substantial, relevant, and accurate evidence


Sorry for the delay, but here is the grading rubric for your Reaction Paper. You do not need to print it off. It is just for your use in finishing your essay.


Good Luck!

Mr. Coia

The Scarlet Letter New Unit Guide is Available

Go to the Handouts section of www.mrcoia.com and take a look at our new unit guide for The Scarlet Letter. You are reading chapters 1-6 due next Tuesday and Thursday (it’s a bit different than originally planned), making sure to mark it up. You need not print off a copy unless you’d like to get ahead. I’ll have a copy for you in class.

You are also purchasing small Post-It notes to use in our reading as discussed. Please bring these to class on Monday, at least 100 of them.

Here’s the link to The Scarlet Letter for purchase on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Scarlet-Letter-Penguin-Classics/dp/0142437263/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1414133483&sr=8-5&keywords=scarlet+letter. If you order it right at this moment, you’ll have it for our second set of readings.


Othello Helps for You


To help you understand and enjoy Shakespeare’s Othello, here is a link to a free podcast of the play. It’s not as good as the one we listened to today in class, but it can help in staying focused as you read Act I this weekend. Subscribe to it and receive all the episodes on your iPod.


As you know, you are to visit the forum at least once on the weekend. Here’s another short graded assignment for you to show that you are indeed doing so. Post a short message, or better yet a study link that will help your classmates, in the comment section below.

Here are a few guidelines:

1. Include your username as stated in the first post, with no last names. Any last names will cause your post to be deleted. Use first name, last name initial, period (JustinP-A3).

2. Proofread before submitting. This is an assignment for class. Please do not use text lingo.

3. Posting is closed at 11:59pm on Sunday, 10/25. No late credit for this assignment.

Happy reading! If you have questions on the text, please sign up for seminar on Tuesday.

Outlining Help for MLK and Other Essays

Do you need help on your outline for our Martin Luther King essay? Here are two sources to help:

Walden University’s Writing Center link: http://writingcenter.waldenu.edu/318.htm

University of Northwest: http://www.unwsp.edu/c/document_library/get_file?uuid=a208956c-88e0-46db-a445-87686aadbe72&groupId=2273328

Did you find another source to help other students? If so, please post here in comments.

2014 Midterm Results


For today’s work on the midterm elections, You will complete the following:

1. Take out your midterm election sheet from your unit guide. Open up this page in your browser now.

2. Using these links, find the results for your races. Put the percentage of voters for each candidate/issue, and circle the winner.



3. Using the links above (or further searching for voter turnout 2014), complete the bottom portion of your paper on voting patterns for BOTH your state as well as for the nation. Here is an exit poll link: http://edition.cnn.com/election/2014/results/exit-polls



4. After you are finished, look through the links above to find an article relating to voting patterns, attitudes, or results to read. We’ll end class today sharing your new knowledge.


AP Gov: Wednesday and Friday Assignments

Before you begin: Copy and paste this text into a Word document. Complete the surveys and answer the questions in Word. Print your results on no more than two pages of paper! Be sure to answer in complete sentences. 

Turn your work into our substitute teacher no later than Friday, 10/9.

If you were absent: you are still responsible to complete this assignment, as you are yo check the website each weekend as well as when you are absent. 

Happy surveying!



Political Ideology Online Quizzes

  1. Which political party do you tend to prefer? Democratic/Republican/Other (list the name)


  1. Which candidate did you prefer in the 2012 presidential election? Obama/Romney/Other (list the name)


  1. Take the quiz at: http://www.selectsmart.com/president/


  1. According to the quiz, which candidate do you agree with most and what is the percent?
  1. According to the quiz, which candidate do you agree with the second most and what is the percent?


  1. Take the quiz at: http://www.isidewith.com/political-quiz


  1. According to the quiz, which presidential candidate do you side with the most and what is the percent?
  1. According to the quiz, which party do you agree with most and what is the percent? (Click on “Party” at the top.)
  1. Take the quiz at: http://www.ontheissues.org/Quiz/Quiz2012.asp?quiz=Pres2012(Click on “Political Philosophy” before you begin).


  1. According to the quiz, what is your economic score?
  2. According to the quiz, what is your personal score?
  3. According to the quiz, what is your political philosophy (from “Where do you fit in?”)?
  4. Copy and paste the grid here:


  1. Let’s try something a little different.  Complete the quiz at http://www.selectsmart.com/politicalpersonality/


  1. Write your results here:


  1. How did this compare to the other results?

Describe how your results compared with what you previously believed in Questions 1 & 2 on these issues.


  1. Party:


  1. Candidate:


  1. How will you use this information in the future?  Explain.





Order The Scarlet Letter Today


Looking for a way to get beyond using sticky notes? Try ordering a copy of The Scarlet Letter for your own writing. It’s much easier writing in margins than using sticky notes. This is optional, but I think it is well worth the price.

Here’s a link to the Penguin edition: http://www.amazon.com/The-Scarlet-Letter-Penguin-Classics/dp/0142437263. However, all editions are the same.

Order this today to ensure it arrives in plenty of time to read.

Unit Guide #2 Printing for Extra Credit


Your homework this weekend is to print our new unit guide and supplemental reading. Go to http://mrcoia.com/school/html/handouts.html to print the following items for our upcoming unit:

1. Unit Guide #2: Sin and Syntax

2. “Letter from Birmingham Jail”

3. “Good Country People”

4. “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”

If all is printed by class on Tuesday/Wednesday, you will receive an extra credit bonus of double your next rhetorical terms quiz.

You MUST use printers off-campus. Do NOT use school printers, or the deal is off.

DUE MONDAY: Your final version of the persuasion paper is due no later than noon on Monday, regardless of A day/B day class. You must have the clean, updated copy on top, with the two peer edited copies underneath. All must be stapled together. No late passes accepted for this.

Shakespeare’s Sonnets


We’ll read and research three of Shakespeare’s sonnets. Complete work in this order:

1. In your group, read aloud THREE times.

2. Discuss possible meanings. Mark up your sonnet.

3. Read a paraphrase of your sonnet online. See links below.

4. Post your group members in a comment to this post .Remember, no last names.

5. Discuss the main idea of the sonnet, and share strongest lines.

6. Read an analysis of your sonnet.

7. Prepare a short two-minute skit that communicates the sonnet.

8. Perform in class.


Begin looking at these links:




Look Up Video

Here is the video that we watched in class today. Be sure to watch it in its entirety before planning your Socratic Seminar notes.

Your notes must have the following:

1. Your main “thesis” of the essential question.

2. Evidence from our texts (two articles, “Look Up” and personal experience).

3. While this need not be typed, it MUST be neat and thorough. If it looks like it was completed on the way to school, you are doing this incorrectly.

Good luck, and get ready for our first Socratic Seminar on Monday.

Buying a Textbook

Looking for a good way to get a better sense of the material? Why not purchase a used copy of our textbook. While this is completely optional, some students enjoy having a copy in which they mark up for a better understanding. These can be as cheap as $4. Here are the book we’ll use for each AP class:


AP Government: Amazon.com: Buying Choices: American Government: Roots and Reform, 2009 Edition (10th Edition) (MyPoliSciLab Series).




AP Language & Composition: http://www.amazon.com/Language-Composition-Reading-Writing-Rhetoric/dp/0312473028/ref=tmm_hrd_title_1?_encoding=UTF8&sr=8-2-fkmr1&qid=1408516934

Welcome to the 2015-16 School Year!



Welcome to the first post of the year. I’ll use this forum to post course-related information that will help your understanding of the three courses I teach: AP Government, AP English Language and Composition, and 10th Language Arts.

You are required to stop by the site each weekend to check the following: Grades (are they correct?); Handouts (Is there anything more you need to print?); and Forum (is there anything that will help my understanding?). This is required each weekend. This will take 10-15 minutes to do all of these things.

There may be times when there is a graded assignment on the weekend to ensure you are using the resources available. Here’s your first graded assignment of the year:

Add a comment to this post stating that you’ve read this. Sign in with your account (FB or otherwise), or simply put your First Name, Last name initial, and class period separated by a dash.. If William Shakespeare from my A4 class stopped by, he’d write: WilliamS-A4.

Go ahead. Give it a try.



All Quiet Work


1. Here is the rubric, in case you missed it in class. Be sure to print two copies of your essay, and staple this slip to one of them All Quiet Grading Rubric.

2. I mentioned some extra credit  in class today. If you have completed all assignments in our All Quiet unit, you can do a creative layout for two of your six-word memoirs. Use color, creative font, etc, cut, and put in inbox no later than Tuesday’s start of class. Remember, this is only if you have completed all the credit of this unit. If you have any missing assignments, please work on those instead.

Good luck with your essays this weekend!