1. Media is used to both influence politics but also a corruption for public officials since they are waiting for the official to make a mistake, trying to find some information to hold the government accountable.

  2. Media has its positives and negatives. It keeps the government in check (watchdog), but it can also influence American’s political standing by controlling what we talk about (gate keeper).

  3. Media is a very powerful tool that has the ability to either benefit the public through informing them of current events or sway one’s political opinion through their use of political rhetoric supported via various news outlets.

  4. Youdia: you control the media; the media works through four sources, one of which, internet, can easily be control by an individual.


    Media has a love/hate relationship with politicians; the media can sometimes favor the politician or it can go out of its way to speak badly about the politician, while the politician can gracefully accept the media’s statement or dismiss them as slander.

  5. Media is the best friend and worst enemy of anyone involved in politics; just as easily as it can inform the public of the benefits of having a certain politician representing them, it can sway the opinion of the people against the politician through various media outlets.

  6. The media is a double-edged sword; what was once intended to inform us of current events, can now be used to sway our political opinions to conform with that of the informant.

  7. Assignment: Social media may play a positive role in engaging citizens to be politically involved, yet it also plays a mix of negative and positive roles in criticizing or complementing politicians, themselves.

    Personal Comment: This video was a little dry for my taste, but definitely go the point across.

  8. The media and public officials have a very unique relationship as the media, regulated by the FCC, can be very bias to a certain party. As a result, the media can influence the public and either shine public officials in a negative or positive light.

  9. Media can be used as a way to protect the public from corrupt politicians and government, but it can also be used to tear politicians down if their political beliefs/ideologies do not line up with those in charge of the various types of media.

  10. Media is what connects the people and the government. It can be a positive or negative influence when it is about politics. The media can be used against politicians who do not see eye to eye with their ideology.

  11. Media brings the people and the government together, and influence our politics; having the power to tell us what we need to know.

  12. The people should have the right to know what the government is doing, however the government should have the right to keep certain things secret but as long as info is profitable both will overstep their bounds to either keep secrets or slant the truth.

  13. The media is a linkage institution between the people and the government and bridges the separation between the two.

  14. Media, or Youdia, is extremely powerful in that it shapes the political agenda, as well as public opinion in a way because it makes small problems into bigger issues.

  15. Without media, there would be no ability to consider concerns at anything more then the local scale, rendering a true republic impossible, however, Media can detract from the political efficacy of the nation as a whole, by offering opinions that those without time or true back ground in politics snap up and make their own.

  16. The media and the public have a “love and hate” relationship. The public loves the fact that media provides them information, but hate the fact that they have a bias on certain topics that they cover.

  17. The media has it’s pros and cons. It can shed light on what our political representatives are doing in public policy but it also controls what exactly we see and that can alter our thought from what an objective one would be.

  18. The media has the ability to get politicians elected and has the ability to make them appear unfavorable. The media is more controlled by the citizens through social media. Internet media isn’t as reliable as TV media. TV is number one in getting information to the people.

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