AP Government Review Materials

Here are a few study helps:

Need a quick overview of the major AP Gov units? http://mrfarshtey.net/apgov_exam_review.html

Watch a few quick videos on Government for Dummies: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD5CB52988D815420

An excellent review of the entire coursehttps://mr-shulman.wikispaces.com/Content+Review+of+the+Entire+Course%21%21

Online Practice Quizzeshttp://college.cengage.com/polisci/wilson/am_gov/9e/students/ace/index.html

Lots of games to help you remember: http://www.bubbabrain.com/ap.php


There is a new episode of Cram for the Exam this weekend. It should be online on Sunday, Okinawa time. Go to http://www.c-spanclassroom.org to watch this new one or a few of the older episodes.



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