Unit Guide #2 Printing for Extra Credit


Your homework this weekend is to print our new unit guide and supplemental reading. Go to http://mrcoia.com/school/html/handouts.html to print the following items for our upcoming unit:

1. Unit Guide #2: Sin and Syntax

2. “Letter from Birmingham Jail”

3. “Good Country People”

4. “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”

If all is printed by class on Tuesday/Wednesday, you will receive an extra credit bonus of double your next rhetorical terms quiz.

You MUST use printers off-campus. Do NOT use school printers, or the deal is off.

DUE MONDAY: Your final version of the persuasion paper is due no later than noon on Monday, regardless of A day/B day class. You must have the clean, updated copy on top, with the two peer edited copies underneath. All must be stapled together. No late passes accepted for this.


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