The Scarlet Letter Rubric

TSL Grading Rubric

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The Scarlet Letter Reaction Paper Grading Rubric
Topic: “What The Scarlet Letter has to teach in 2015.” Be creative, insightful, and show your knowledge of the novel and its themes.
–Format                                                                                                                              0              1              3              5

–Global opening and closing                                                                                       0              2              4
— Use one I-think-I’m-so-clever hyphenated adjective in italics                  0              1              2
–Use two important quotations from the book. Cite and explain                      0              1              2              3              4


Insufficient      1     2 Adequate      3          4   Good       5          6           Excellent       7          8
Demonstrates superficial or insufficient knowledge of the novel Demonstrates average knowledge of the novel Demonstrates good knowledge of the novel Demonstrates superior knowledge of the subject



Insufficient      1    2 Adequate      3         4 Good       5      Excellent    6
Provides minimal, irrelevant, or insufficient evidence Supports thesis with limited, but appropriate evidence Supports thesis with relevant and helpful evidence Supports thesis with substantial, relevant, and accurate evidence


Sorry for the delay, but here is the grading rubric for your Reaction Paper. You do not need to print it off. It is just for your use in finishing your essay.


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