Welcome to the 2015-16 School Year!



Welcome to the first post of the year. I’ll use this forum to post course-related information that will help your understanding of the three courses I teach: AP Government, AP English Language and Composition, and 10th Language Arts.

You are required to stop by the site each weekend to check the following: Grades (are they correct?); Handouts (Is there anything more you need to print?); and Forum (is there anything that will help my understanding?). This is required each weekend. This will take 10-15 minutes to do all of these things.

There may be times when there is a graded assignment on the weekend to ensure you are using the resources available. Here’s your first graded assignment of the year:

Add a comment to this post stating that you’ve read this. Sign in with your account (FB or otherwise), or simply put your First Name, Last name initial, and class period separated by a dash.. If William Shakespeare from my A4 class stopped by, he’d write: WilliamS-A4.

Go ahead. Give it a try.





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