Othello Helps for You


To help you understand and enjoy Shakespeare’s Othello, here is a link to a free podcast of the play. It’s not as good as the one we listened to today in class, but it can help in staying focused as you read Act I this weekend. Subscribe to it and receive all the episodes on your iPod.


As you know, you are to visit the forum at least once on the weekend. Here’s another short graded assignment for you to show that you are indeed doing so. Post a short message, or better yet a study link that will help your classmates, in the comment section below.

Here are a few guidelines:

1. Include your username as stated in the first post, with no last names. Any last names will cause your post to be deleted. Use first name, last name initial, period (JustinP-A3).

2. Proofread before submitting. This is an assignment for class. Please do not use text lingo.

3. Posting is closed at 11:59pm on Sunday, 10/25. No late credit for this assignment.

Happy reading! If you have questions on the text, please sign up for seminar on Tuesday.



    • I think this website helps a lot. All you have to do is to click on a highlighted quote, and it will tell you what that quote means.

  1. To fully understand Othello, you have to be Othello. You know how in baseball (or other sports) people are always saying “see the ball, feel the ball, be the ball”. Well if you do this with Othello then you will fully understand what he’s going through, and it can even help you with your life. I hope this was inspirational to all.

  2. This website is a helpful resource for getting an understanding of Othello. It is a study guide but can also direct you into the right direction of knowing the book better.

  3. Comments are now closed. Remember, you should stop by here each weekend to check for updates along with looking at GradeSpeed and then the handouts. Thanks for these links. Now, students should now use them.

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