Completing the Midterm Election Sheet


Here are some links to help you in our research day in the IC:

-Who is my Representative?

-Real Clear Politics

-RCP Senate:

-RCP House:

-RCP Governors:

State Ballot Measure Database

AP Gov: Practice for Key Terms

Tuesday is our first test in the Tests/Writing/Projects category, and I want you to go well on it. To facilitate that, I have two links on Quizlet for our terms. One for the Key Terms for Constitutional Underpinnings, and one for Key Constitutional Clauses.

Spend some time on both, vying for that top spot in the three categories. Post a comment here stating that you have done each set at least twice.

This study time and posting is a graded assignment.

Here are a few guidelines:

1. Include your username as stated in the first post, with no last names. Any last names will cause your post to be deleted. Use first name, last name initial, period (JustinP-A3).

2. Proofread before submitting. This is an assignment for class.

3. Posting is closed at 11:59pm on Sunday, 9/28.

If you have any questions on these terms after your study time, please come in on Monday for help.

Creating a Class Rhetorical List


To help you and other students read more examples and understand the rhetorical terms better, you will give a clear, interesting example for one of your rhetorical terms 1-20 as a comment to this post. Here are a few guidelines for this easy assignment:

1. Include your username as stated in the first post, with no last names. Any last names will cause your post to be deleted. Use first name, last name initial, period (JustinP-A3).

2. Include the number, term, and the example. The example goes in quotations. [2. Ad Hominem: “Since Cameron is male, he cannot speak about feminism in class discussions.”]

3. Read through the comments before posting yours. After there are 10 of any given rhetorical term, that term is closed. Let’s get some variety.

4. Proofread before submitting. This is an assignment for English class.

5. Posting is closed at 11:59pm on Sunday, 9/28.

6. Use this list, as well as Quizlet, to help you study for our Rhetorical Terms 1-20 quiz. The purpose of this assignment to find new and creative ways to help you understand these terms. You may see some of these on our quiz.

Point value: 10 points


Need Help with Your Persuasive Essay?



Here is my favorite online help: Purdue’s Online Writing Lab. It’s the site that I use when I need some writing or grammar help. Go here to get some help on your persuasive essay on whether it is better for a leader to be feared or loved:

Need help with your thesis statement? Here’s a clear link to help:

Whichever side that you choose, be sure to use direct quotations from The Prince to support your claim.

Happy writing!

Constitutional Art Project: Due Tuesday

Due on Tuesday: Choose some aspect of the Constitution to represent visually, as the examples do in the classroom. Pick an area that you are interested in knowing more about and go for it.

You MUST post here what aspect you are doing to avoid duplicates. Check the list first, then post your idea, then create something interesting to celebrate Constitutional Day on September 17.

An extra FIVE points will be given to the first student who correctly posts the year that the Constitution was ratified.

As always, no last names anywhere in your post or username!