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AP Government & Politics

Unit 6: Finding Your Politics

Unit 5: Civil Rights/Civil Liberties and Review

AP Review Guide #1

AP Review Guide #2

Unit 4d: Institutions--Bureaucracy

Unit 4c: Institutions--Federal Courts

Unit 4b: Institutions--The Presidency

Unit 4: Institutions--Congress

Unit 3: Political Participation
Media Bias Project in Word format

Unit 2: American Political Ideologies and Beliefs
Election Interview Template in Word
Election Interview reflection: Student Sample
Exit Polling Date: 2016

Unit 1: Foundations of American Democracy
Chap 3 in new text (print pages 11-38 only)

Reading the 27 Amendments
Checks & Balances graphic

Socratic Seminar Outline EXAMPLE (it's a different topic, but you'll get the idea of what these should look like)

AP Government and Politics Course Syllabus and Rules

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American Government, Sabato, 10th edition,
ISBN: 0-013-715162-4

Year-Long Handouts for AP Gov
Are You Conservative or Liberal?
Important Court Cases sheet

How to Outline video tutorial While I do not like the presentation of this, the content is quite good and helpful

Outlining History Texts Handout

AP Language & Composition

Unit 9: Studying Film as Literature

Unit 8: The Home Stretch to the AP Exam

Unit 7: The Great Gatsby

Unit 6: Race Matters

Unit 5: Synthesizing Your Life
Writing Portfolio in Word format

Unit 4: Arguing about Arguing unit

Unit 3: Living Deliberately

Unit 2: Sin & Syntax
MLK "Letter from Birmingham Jail"
Writing an Introductory Paragraph handout
Student Examples: MLK RA Essay

Story: "Good Country People"

Unit 1: Beginning the Argument

"I Know Why a Caged Bird Can't Read"
"Caged Bird" Questions
"Superman and Me" reading

Writing America: "Composing Rhetorically"
AP Classes are a Scam" articles

Student Sample Paper for narrative
How Do I Format My Paper? Handout

Class Syllabus and Rules

Year-Long Handouts for AP Lang

Rhetorical Terms and Glossary [We'll complete 5 per week]

Writing an Introductory Paragraph handout
Introduction to Argumentative Essay
Introduction to the Synthesis Essay

AP Generic Rubrics [we'll use these all year]

S.O.A.P.S. Handout

How Do I Format My Paper? Handout


AP Language & Composition

AP English Language Exam Review materials

Quizlet Study Tools for our RT Terms (I'll update as we cover these) Rhetorical Terms (this is fron another teacher)
Rhetorical Terms and Glossary

Rhetorical Terms Chart (You may want this list in addition to ours)
100 Key Terms in AP Language & Composition
Ethos, Pathos, Logos and Logical Fallacies
Handbook of Rhetorical Devices (some are a bit esoteric)

AP Government
AP Government Exam Review materials Excellent resources
Learnerator Practice MC--great review of all the sections of the course
Course Review worksheet in Word
HippoCampusAn excellent tutorial on AP Government and much more
The Constitution tutorial
15 half-hour video programs
Democracy in America 15 half-hour video programs

Key Terms Flash Cards: Unit 1-Constitutional Underpinnings

Key Terms Flash Cards: Unit 2-Political Beliefs/Behaviors

Key Terms Flash Cards: Unit 3-Interest Groups/Public Policy
Key Terms Flash Cards: Unit 4a-Institutions-Congress
Key Terms Flash Cards: Unit 4b-Institutions-Presidency
Key Terms Flash Cards: Unit 4c--Institutions--Bureaucracy
Key Terms Flash Cards: Unit 4d--Institutions--Federal Courts
Key Terms Flash Cards: Unit 5--Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Key Terms: 27 Amendments

Key Terms: ALL UNITS (up to now)

Key Constitutional Clauses
Key Legislation Flash Cards
Key Court Cases Flash Cards

Court Cases 1-10 set
Court Cases 1-15 set
Court Cases 1-20 set
Court Cases 1-25 set
Court Cases 1-30 set

Key Court Cases---up to our current week

Writing Sites
Online Writing Lab Perhaps the best site for grammar and writing help. Go here first.

Grammar Bytes! Interactive Grammar Review

Online Textbook book for Juniors
Username: dodea11stude
Password: You wrote this down in your planner

Online Textbook book for Sophomores
Username: dodea10stude
Password: You wrote this down in your planner

Essential Reference Information
Works Cited Page: EasyBib
Bartleby Full-Text Books Online
Encyclopedia Britannica
he Elements of Style Strunk & White
Book of Quotations

College Resources
Frontline: "Secrets of the SAT"'s 100 Most Common SAT Words A great site that includes flashcards and games to help you know these words

Frivolous Fun
Colorblind Test Are you colorblind?
About Colorblindness

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