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One-Liners: Memorable quotations from students


When talking about the parts of speech, we've heard:
"Abverby." ~Kaityn S.
"Quicklyier." ~Dee Dee


"Most of the immigrants died because they didn't catch a breath of fresh air and were unable to exercise." ~Michelle, in a paper about immigrants.

"Betwd 1920, the number of literate Americans died dramatically." ~In a quiz question that was supposed to be "rose dramatically." This doesn't give us literate folks comfort, does it?

"Teens are somehow supposed to go through a great metmorphosis, escape from their cocoons of follish adolescence when they graduate from high school, and become responsibile adults that are ready for the big, bad world." ~Anita H., in an essay about the stress of teens.

"(Video games) work as a sort of an electronic hallucinogen." ~Jay C. on the addictive power of video games.

"Napoleon is the father of three kids and a wife." ~Miguel V., in an essay about time travel.

"I shut down the computer, feeling about as uneasy as an icicle in mid-May." ~James M., in an essay on antivirus software.

"But isn't it nighttime there now?" ~Scott C., as our class looked at satelite pictures of our houses in the States on Google maps.

"My teacher was Ms. Partridge, a George Clooney-obsessed woman with two large dogs. 'WWGCD? (What Would George Clooney Do?), she would say.'" ~Nick C., on a former writing teacher.

"Spain? Like, in Europe?" ~Hanna S., commenting on another student's arrival from Madrid.



"Who is the founder of psychoanalysis? <<Silence>> It's an f-word."
Sophia: "French people?"

Me: "Does anyone know the currency in Vietnam?"
Sheryl: "Viet-won?"

"(Reading) shows a portal to see the failures, victories, or consequences of a life." ~David L.

"We need Romeo and Juliet; R.L. Stein is a poor substitute for William Shakespeare." ~Joey D.

"Not only is the banning of books not fair to authors, it is a fate worse than death for the avid reader." ~Sophia W.

"People just need a new light in their eyes..." ~Chris C., in an essay on Fahrenheit 451 and Pleasantville

"Nature is the universal therapist and you can revela anything to it and feel better about yourself." ~Chris K.

Test on the Civil War: Define Appomattox: "A disease spread all over the states and many people died." ~Jenn L.

"He can't even keep his own quotation page updated, let alone start a new one." ~Alyssa W., when it was suggested that I start a new

"What did the colonists get so angry over? Taxation without..." (My question)
"Taxation without sensation." Josh P.


"Clackamas and Ithaca are nothing alike, but they are both our homes and will always be our homes." -Taylor Lee

"My future will contain many highs and lows which will add to my Odyssey trip, but at age 65 you can surely find me sitting on my back deck gazing into the depths of the ocean through my camera lens documenting the purity of the endless waters. I will sweat my way into this snapshot beach house, this Ithaca, for this is the place where all of my dreams can come together and form the most peaceful place in the world." -Natalie Carper

"We need our place, our love, our Ithaca." -Lakecia Hammond

"The bishop and my parents would just love to strangle me with repentence." -Colette Humble

"...As I make the shhh sound mothers make to their crying babies." -Larissa Gerig

"It seemed to her that everytime she began to trust someone with her feelings, they tore them up liuke a wolf attacking a frisky antelope." -Trisha Hintz (describing Joy/Hulga from "Good Country People")



"It's a sad tale of true love barely seeing the light of day before drowning in a mistake of poison and happy daggers." -Natalie P. on Romeo & Juliet

"She flashed him one of her trademark cute smiles. That smile could melt an iceberg and feed a starving country." -Tim Marquand

"I swear I fell in love right there in the middle of people's way." -Alex Yochim

"(Holden) struggles with growing up and all the nonsense that it entails." -Sara McCredie

"My six year old brother Brandon has been afraid of the dark ever since he started walking. Unlike most kids his age, his fear went beyond turning the lights off when he tried to sleep. He was so afraid of the dark, he wouldn't reach under the couch, behind a cabinet, or even inside a cereal box."

"There are different kinds of people, the kind that help you when you fall down, and the kind that tripped you in the first place." -Tim Dundon

"Loud are the comments made in silent theatres. -Talia Isaacs

"The clock seemed to hesitate before letting the time pass away, grinning at its power to lock students in their seats. It was being especially mean today." -Vivian Pointer

"Peer pressure is for followers and people who really don't know who they are." -Jennie Miller

"I must have chosen the wrong hiding place because the monsters of adolescent life found me." -Annie Zimmerman

"Ashley, my best friend who laughs at scary movies and dances at funerals, cried." -Derya Arac

"We all sort of lay there in the mucky pool, laughing & crying & breathing & watching." -Derya Arac
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