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Poems from Allie's Mitt
The Blue Sky by John Phan
The blue sky,
It shines and radiates with life,
It means happiness, joy, fun, and satisfaction
It depicts the history of the world
It lights up the morning and glows in the evening
It changes throughout the year
It keeps the world in an endless cycle
The blue sky.

Baseball by John Phan
The brilliance of a sport is not its competition,
The competition of a sport is not its popularity,
The popularity of a sport is not its goal,
The goal of a sport is not to entertain,
A sport is a human action to contain emotion.
Football, basketball, soccer
These sports are good sports,
But they are not a pastime
They do not have the traits of a sport
They are merely actions of human emotion.
The run to catch the ball,
The swing to hit the ball,
The throw to launch the ball,
The actions that make a sport,
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