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"I Want to Cry Out" poems from Holden

I Want To Cry Out by John Phan

The night was dark, and the streets were empty
People were walking back and forth
I stand there on the curb waiting for a taxi.
A couple or two talk to each other
A guy walks up to a girl and gives her a kiss,
Sick I think to myself, “What a phony.”
I saw him touch her when their lips met
On the other side of the street
A woman picks up a dollar on the corner
A man greets his business partner
A hooker talking to one of her clients,
And the absence of innocence in the air.
Waiting there for my Taxi, I die
My mind dying of boredom and depression
The voices in my head were screaming at me

I wanted to cry out
“Why God, do you do this to me?”
I could have ended my insanity right there
I refused to give in to the Devil
And I continued my waiting.
My angst, my sorrow, my agony
I’m alone in this world of cheating and slander.
But I dream of helping the innocent people of my world
To catch them from the fall of humanity
I would risk my life for the ones I love
Jane, Phoebe, and if I had the chance, Allie.
But I cannot save them, because I know
There is another war going on
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