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Writing from the Religion Unit

(See Crucible Character Recipe assignment), Brandon Nelson
Reverend Parris Purity Pie

2 pewter candlesticks
2 golden candlesticks
2 cups Conceit
2 cups "Essence of the World"
4 tbsp Unrighteousness
2 tbsp Lies
1 tsp Condemnations
Before you begin your Parris Purity Pie, place the pewter candlesticks near your cooking area, but after examining them you must realize that you are too good for pewter and replace them with your golden candlesticks. To begin Parris Purity Pie you must first, lay out the Conceit in your Purity Pie Plate and spread and fold over the edges to form a nice crust. Next, scoop in the "Essence of the World" and spread it evenly throughout the whole pie. Insert the Unrighteousness into the middle of the pie and cover it up with the Conceit.
To garnish the pie sprinkle Lies and Condemnations randomly for a nice furnishing to this "pure" dish.

Bake at 350 degrees and be ready for an absolutely dreadful dessert!

Cooking Time: Many years of honesty, but many ages of darkness as of late.

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